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Qu-Bit ElectronixContour Quad Envelope

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Qu-Bit Electronix Contour Quad Envelope

The Qu-Bit Electronix Contour is a quad AD envelope with CV control over Attack and Decay parameters, and looping functionality. Each channel features a trigger input that can also accept gates for an increased sustain amount. A bias button controls the overall output level and polarities of each signal, while the shape button shifts the slope of each envelope from linear to exponential. Best of all, the triggers are normalized, enabling them to be patched together for intricate multi-stage envelopes.

Contour Quad Envelope Features

  • Quad Envelope
  • Attack Decay style
  • Attenuverter for output control
  • Trigger input
  • CV inputs for attack and decay
  • Looping button for LFO function
  • Shape button for linear to exponential curves
  • Cycle length 5ms to 20 minutes
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 72mA@+12V, 29mA@-12V
Product Demo Videos
Qu-Bit Rhythm Wave Chord and Contour
Triggering the Qu-Bit Wave sampler with the Qu-Bit Rhythm for drums, the Qu-Bit Chord adds chords over the drums. The Varigate 8 is being used for extra cv to movie around the pitch on the wave sampler. All of the audio is being put thru the Intellijel Linix and being gated by maths and Qu-Bit Contour quad envelope. Some compression is added by the WMD MSCL stereo compressor.

Rhythm, from Qu-Bit Electronix, is a four channel trigger sequencer with built in rhythmic patterns. Each of the four channels have a rhythmic variation knob and corresponding CV input, to offset or change the rhythm out of that channel. The four channels each have their own outputs as well as mute buttons, for ease of mixing. There are four genre banks, each with twelve patterns, making a total of 48 grooves, not including the variation. Both the Genre and Pattern parameters can be voltage controlled. Rhythm makes it extremely easy to match tempos to a DAW, having a BPM read out of the internal clock (controlled by the large center knob), although one is not slaved to this. It also has a Clock In, in case it needs to be something other than a master clock. Reset and play buttons add some performative features for live adjustments.

The Qu-Bit Wave is a high-quality 4-channel sample playback module. Offering four channels of one-shot playback from SD card, the Wave even features varispeed / pitch control for each channel.
Contour is a quad envelope generator.
Qu-Bit Electronix Contour Quad Envelope Reviews