PWMMantis Hybrid-Analog Keyboard Synthesizer


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PWM Mantis

Born out of collaboration between PWM and the late Chris Huggett, Mantis draws from the legacy of synthesizers like the Wasp and OSCar, but with modern refinements and performance. Blending sounds and techniques built over the years designing instruments for the likes of EDP and Novation, Huggett's final designs went into Mantis, and through some touch-up work and adding powerful MIDI capabilities, PWM brought Mantis to market to honor Huggett's legacy.

As a duophonic instrument, Mantis contains two independent voices—beginning with digital oscillators that are then processed through an entirely analog signal path, alongside a digital effects section. Mantis features mathematically-generated oscillators, running on their own DSP chip for maximum performance and quality. There are two oscillators per voice, plus a sub-oscillator, meaning that you can dial in a blended variety of tones as you see fit.

Possibly the star of the show on Mantis is the unique VCF design, utilizing a unique configuration devised by Huggett. Based on SSI2164 VCA chips, the multi-mode filters in each voice may be controlled simultaneously in series or parallel configurations, with a width control similar to what was found on the OSCar. This leads to a distinctive array of sonic potential, helping Mantis stand out from the pack.

Like other PWM synthesizers, Mantis features incredible digital control capabilities, including MIDI CC control over all parameters. Mantis is a modern synthesizer for the modern day, and a fitting tribute to the legacy of Chris Huggett's work.

Mantis Features

  • Duophonic hybrid keyboard synthesizer
  • Two oscillators per voice
  • Mathematically generated digital oscillator design
  • Sub-oscillator per voice
  • Dual filter design inspired by OSCar
  • Two loopable envelope generators
  • Two LFOs
  • Internal reverb and chorus effects
  • Full-sized 37-note keyboard with aftertouch
  • Assignable joystick controller
  • Built-in arpeggiator
  • Dimensions: 620 x 320 x 110 mm / 24.41" x 12.6" x 4.33"
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