SequentialProphet 12 Hybrid Synthesizer Module


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Sequential Prophet 12 Desktop

The Prophet 12 Module is the desktop incarnation of the Prophet 12. Its 12 voices are comprised of both analog and digital components that push its sound into territories not yet traversed by musical technology.

The Prophet 12 module features twelve voice polyphony that is routed through an all-analog signal path. Each voice is comprised of five digital oscillators, a digital effects section, a Curtis low-pass filter, high-pass filter, feedback circuit, four-tap delay line, four five-stage envelope generators, and four syncable LFOs complete with slew and offset. There’s also an arpeggiator and extensive modulation matrix with sixteen slots, 26 mod sources, and 97 modulation destinations.

Sonically, users can FM and AM the oscillators, liberally assign them in a variety of operator/modulator configurations, or even assign them to modulate envelopes, LFOs, and filters. All of this functionality and more is accessible via the unit’s streamlined interface, which features an OLED display that gives users instant visual recognition of all crucial parameters.

Prophet 12 Desktop Features

  • Digitally Controlled Analog Synthesizer
  • 12 Voice Polyphony
  • Almost 800 Memory Locations
  • 5 Oscillators per Voice with16 Shapes
  • Resonant Analog Low-Pass Filter
  • 4 LFOs
  • 16 x 2 Modulation Matrix
  • Arpeggiator

  • USB and MIDI I/O
  • Universal External Power Supply
  • 2 1/4" Main Outputs
  • 2 1/4" Extra/B Outputs
  • 1 1/4" Stereo Headphone Output
  • 3 Pedal Inputs
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