Pro-JectDamp It Damping Feet - 4 Pack


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Pro-Ject Damp It

Damp It is a pack of four damping feet from Pro-Ject, great for isolating your music gear from mechanical vibration that may impede its performance. These rubber feet effectively filter low-end acoustic vibrations transmitted between physical surfaces. When applied to a turntable, this greatly reduces the risk of unwanted resonances or feedback, allowing for considerably louder playback. Damp It also works excellently for disc players and bookshelf speakers, ensuring that virtually all mechanically-dependent listening gear operates in optimal condition, without external physical interference.

Damp It Features

  • Four-pack of damping feet for superior isolation
  • Protects your equipment from mechanical vibration
  • Perfect for isolating bookshelf speakers, turntables, and more
  • Heavily reduces risk of acoustic feedback with turntables
  • Diameter: 300mm
Pro-Ject Damp It Damping Feet - 4 Pack Reviews