Prism CircuitsHymenium Paperface Modular Synthesizer


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Prism Circuits Hymenium

Providing the perfect platform for patch programmable sequencing, Hymenium is the Prism Circuits ode to Paperface sequencing and voltage generation for notes, rhyhtms, and more. Based on classic Serge designs from the 1970s, this panel is the perfect companion to other offerings from Prism Circuits, or any other banana jack-laden synthesizer—just provide Hymenium with one or more clock sources!

Starting at the left, a pulse Sequencer cycles through ten different outputs, with LED indicators for each and capabilities for Hold or Reset. Front and center is the Programmer, home to eight stages with three stored voltages each. Stages may be activated manually with push buttons or pulse inputs, with individual pulse outputs at the top and corresponding row outputs to the right of the eighth stage. It's also possible to increment or decrement through stages with the Up and Down pulse inputs, and through patching sequence lengths smaller than eighth stages may be created. Last, but certainly not least, the bi-directional Sequential Switch at the may route one input to two, three, or four different destinations, or swap between up to four inputs at one output. This is great for sequencing waveform outputs of an oscillator, chaining Programmer voltages into longer sequencers, or a host of other possibilities.

Everyone can use a bit more patch programmability and free-form sequencing in their lives, and Hymenium delivers these in spades.

Hymenium Features

  • Paperface modular synthesizer
  • Modern recreation of classic Serge designs
  • 4U format with banana patch points—not Eurorack!
  • Contains the following modules: Sequencer, 8x Programmer stages + output section, Sequential Switch
  • Power brick included
  • 4U Format Modular System
  • Requires 24V PSU (Included)
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