Prism CircuitsCystidium Paperface Modular Synthesizer


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Prism Circuits Cystidium

If you've been seeking an entry-point to 1970s-era Paperface Serge that contains some familiar synthesis building blocks, Cystidium from Prism Circuits is a single-voice panel that can conjure up sounds ranging from traditional to experimental. Like classic Serge panels, Cystidium is in the traditional 4U format and uses banana cables for patching. Though the circuits inside have been tweaked to work with modern components, the raw and quirky nature of these designs remains in tact, offering a different experience from the more refined models which came later.

Though modular synthesizers are very open-ended, the choice of modules included in Cystidium aligns pretty closely with a single-voice, subtractive architecture. Two Oscillators allow for rich detuned lines, complex oscillator-style FM, or anything else that calls for cyclical voltages. A handy Filter is on hand for carving away frequencies, with dual outputs for lowpass, highpass, and bandpass responses, but the resonance can be cranked up into self-oscillation when required. There's also a Noise Source, capable of white and pink noise flavors as well as simple random voltage generation. For shaping your signals, a flexible Envelope Generator which may be patched into LFO functionality—plus a multitude of other purposes—and VCA Gate stand at the ready. Finally, a Dual Mixer is available for sending signals to the outside world, or back into the system for further processing or feedback mayhem!

If you've caught the banana patching fever, Cystidium just might be one of the best cures available.

Cystidium Features

  • Paperface modular system
  • Recreation of classic Serge circuits for the modern day
  • 4U format with banana patch points—not Eurorack!
  • Contains the following modules: 2x 1973 Oscillator, 1973 Filter, Noise Source, Envelope Generator, Gate, Dual Mixer
  • Power brick included
  • 4U Format Modular System
  • Requires 24V PSU (Included)
Prism Circuits Cystidium Paperface Modular Synthesizer Reviews