Prism CircuitsCaespitose Paperface Modular Synthesizer


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Prism Circuits Caespitose

If you're in need of a flexible synthesizer that can handle audio and control rate signals easily and simultaneously, then the modern Paperface synthesizer Caespitose by Prism Circuits might be just the thing you need. It's designed in the same 4U format with banana jacks as classic Serge systems, and the circuits have been tweaked enough to work with modern components without losing the charms and quirks for which these instruments are known. Every module in this panel is highly versatile and can be used for a number of different purposes, all depending on how it is patched.

A special treat for this panel is the inclusion of both the Positive and Negative Slew modules, which would later be consolidated into the Universal Slope Generator. That's not to say they aren't still valuable in their more primitive forms—both are still very capable of doing interesting things to bring life to your patches. Each operates as a slew limiter for signals moving in their respective direction, but can be patched up as oscillators, LFOs, envelope followers, and much more. Situated between the Slews is a Gate module, a trusty VCA circuit for audio or control signal shaping duties. From there, a Noise Source provides traditional noise flavors as well as some quick and easy random voltage generation. Another staple of the Serge catalog is the Smooth & Stepped Generator, or SSG for short, which encapsulates function generation, sample and hold, comparators, and whole lot more—again, it all depends on how you patch it up! Finally, the Bi-Directional Router offers three sections of input/output switching, and the Triple Comparator can generate gates, pulses, and triggers from any type of signal.

Caespitose is a perfect example of what makes the Paperface modular systems so unique, from the versatile circuits themselves to how they really come alive through patch programmability.

Caespitose Features

  • Paperface modular system
  • Recreation of classic Serge circuits for the modern day
  • 4U format with banana patch points—not Eurorack!
  • Contains the following modules: Positive Slew, Gate, Negative Slew, Noise Source, Smooth & Stepped Generator, Bi-Directional Router, Triple Comparator
  • Power brick included
  • 4U Format Modular System
  • Requires 24V PSU (Included)
Prism Circuits Caespitose Paperface Modular Synthesizer Reviews