PresonusATOM SQ USB MIDI Controller


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Presonus ATOM SQ

For the next entry in the Presonus ATOM series of controllers, the ATOM SQ is a fresh take on the USB MIDI controller paradigm, offering a pad layout equally suited for drum programming and melodic passages. The 32 staggered, RGB-lit pads allow for a shared interface displaying piano-style note layouts, as well as triggering drum sounds. ATOM SQ also features tight integration with Presonus Studio One, especially with the Pattern editor thanks to a dedicated step sequencing layout, and full navigation of the timeline, MIDI event editing, and other global parameters. Users of Ableton Live will also find ATOM SQ to be a capable companion, being able to launch clips and scenes, control the Live transport, automapping of the eight rotary encoders to device parameters, and there's also a User Mode for custom mappings. ATOM SQ makes an excellent controller companion for working with a DAW.

ATOM SQ Features

  • Compact USB MIDI controller with Presonus Studio One and Ableton Live integration
  • 32 pads with velocity and pressure sensitivity
  • Integration with Studio One and Ableton Live
  • Backlit RGB pads and staggered layout make for easy use for playing and sequencing both drums and melodic instruments
  • 8 endless, rotary encoders
  • Vivid display screen shows parameter values and session information
  • UI seamlessly updates while navigating tracks, timeline, and more
  • Expressive and intuitive arpeggiator
  • Includes licences for both Presonus Studio One Artist and Ableton Live Lite
  • Includes 2 loop packs with custom instruments for Impact XT
  • Digital Connection: USB-C compatible port
  • Dimensions: 0.98 x 6.8 x 14.25” / 25 x 172 x 362mm
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