PolyendTracker Sampler Workstation (Silver Edition)


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Polyend Tracker

Refinished in a limited-edition silver, Polyend's Tracker looks sleeker than ever before—perfectly matched to its unique hardware sampling workflow. It's perfect for that classic tracker workflow and adds a whole host of features that make it versatile and powerful for a wide variety of styles—but of course, it'll be instantly at home among producers of rhythmically intricate electronic genres. Fans of LSDJ, Renoise, or other classic trackers will rejoice with the workflow that combines time-tested techniques with new and exciting engines. The interface is inviting with a large clear screen and full-sized interface encoder.

There are seven different sample playback types: one-shot, forward loop, backward loop, ping pong (back and forth looping), slice, wavetable, and granular synthesizer. Samples can be recorded onto the Tracker in 16-bit/44.1kHz quality. Use the mic or line inputs, pattern selection, or even the built-in FM radio. Tune the FM radio to a static channel for crunchy noise or sample the latest trap hit and turn that into a whole track. Samples can also be loaded and saved to a microSD card, allowing for another dimension of sampling.

The onboard sample editor can morph samples into entirely different sounds by combining multiple effects. Instrument parameters such as filters, envelopes, and panning allow for the creation of an instrument from any sample. Projects can hold up to 48 instruments per project. The built-in fully featured wavetable engine can be used to create wavetables and is compatible with popular wavetable standards such as Ableton Wave and Serum. You can also easily create complex textures with the granular synthesizer. Edit the position, length, shape, and direction of the granular playback and unlock a hidden world of sound within your samples. Samples can also be loaded into the slicer. The slicer can be set to manually add splice points, or the auto slice feature automatically slices the samples at the transients. Slices can be played with the grid or can be automated and sequenced using the pattern mode.

The tracker-style sequencer has eight tracks per pattern and can hold 255 patterns. Patterns can be up to 128 steps each and hold note, instrument, and two FX parameter locks per step. There are over 20 FX types that can be applied to your track. Additionally, the Fill mode allows you to set parameters for a track and have the Tracker automatically fill instruments, steps, notes, and FX data based on those settings. Patterns can be arranged into full compositions using the song mode. The perform mode allows you to get hands on with those patterns, morphing them into new forms. And interestingly, you can send MIDI note data and CC messages on a per-track and even per-step basis—making Tracker an excellent source of control for external gear.

The grid of 48 pads can be used to play samples, sample slices, or the synthesizer engines. The pads can be customized to play specific scales so you never have to worry about playing a wrong note. Patterns can also be live recorded using the grid to add a layer of performance to your sequences.

The Tracker brings new life into the world of trackers and samplers. Combining deep synthesis options and sample manipulation techniques with a powerful sequencer, the Tracker is a must have for tracker heads or people looking for a new and fun way to create music.

Tracker Features

  • Eight-channel tracker and sampler
  • 128-step patterns with up to 255 patterns per project
  • Instrument, note, and two FX parameters per step
  • Sample at 16-bit/44.1kHz from mic/line inputs, patterns, off of microSD card, or with on-board FM radio
  • Granular mode for exploring the micro-sound content of samples
  • Create wavetables from samples
  • One shot, forward, backwards, or ping pong sample playback
  • Cut up samples with the slice feature
  • Over 20 FX
  • 48 playable pads
  • Large clear screen
  • MIDI in and out
  • Constructed of anodized aluminum
    • Inputs: mic and line on 3.5mm
    • Outputs: stereo 3.5mm (includes 3.5 to 6.3mm stereo splitter)
    • MIDI: in and out on 3.5mm (includes Din MIDI adapters)
    • 5V 1A USB powered over USB-C (includes wall adapter)
    • Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 1.5"/279 x 216 x 38mm
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Introducing the Limited Polyend Tracker Silver Edition
We'd like to introduce you to the limited Polyend Tracker Silver Edition :
all the same functionality and features of the black tracker with a new look
full metal body
silver brushed aluminum top, black bottom
square, low profile keys
equipped with latest v1.6 firmware
limited quantity
...and it looks just amazing!
Polyend Tracker Sampler Workstation (Silver Edition) Reviews