Poly EffectsVerbs Convolution Reverb Pedal


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Poly Effects Verbs

It might be hard to believe that some of the world's most expansive spaces are packed into a effects pedal, but the Poly Effects Verbs contains captures of cathedrals and more for you to transform your guitar, synth, or other instrument. 48 presets are divided into several categories of eight presets each, with eight of these slots available for your own captures and IRs. From Montreal's Pool of the Blackstar to Australia's Capricornia Caves, from Saint Lucia Basilica to the Lexicon 480-L and Roland Space Echo, a variety of real world spaces and vintage hardware pieces have been painstakingly captured and recreated with Verbs. There's even a bank of irregular captures like bubbles, train whistles, and rain drops for unusual textures.

Because Verbs works with captures of real spaces, parameterzation is slightly more limited compared to digital algorithmic reverbs. That said, Poly Effects have given you a few handy options for tweaking your tones. Onset is a pre-delay control, allowing you to offset the time between your dry and reverberated signals, while Low Cut filters out low frequencies at the input. Smoosh is a unique parameter that warps captures into very different versions of themselves. With the dual footswitches, you can bypass the reverb or ramp up the dynamics for immense swells. Like other Poly Effects pedals, Verbs features full MIDI support, allowing you to recall different presets or change parameters from external controllers and devices. If you're looking for a versatile reverb pedal filled with numerous real-world spaces, look no further than Verbs.

Verbs Features

  • Convolution reverb pedal
  • 48 different reverb presets, plus 8 slots for your own captures
  • Pool of The Blackstar: 8 unique man-made reverb spaces
  • Capricornia Caves: caves and other cavernous structures
  • Santa Lucia Basilica: churches and temples
  • Echo Plates: vintage plate reverbs
  • Analog Devices: springs and other outboard reverbs
  • Irregular Verbs: bubbles, raindrops, and more
  • Adverbs: miscellaneous reverbs, can be replaced by custom captures
  • Onset (pre-delay), Mix, Low-Cut, and Smoosh controls
  • Bypass and Crescendo footswitches
  • Full MIDI support
  • Supports mono and stereo connections
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center negative (PSU not included)
Poly Effects Verbs Convolution Reverb Pedal Reviews