Gamechanger AudioPLUS Pedal Smart Sustain


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Gamechanger Audio PLUS Pedal

Gamechanger Audio's name does not disappoint as they introduce their PLUS Pedal: a granular sustain/freeze effect that allows users to transform their instrument's sound into lush, evolving layers of sustained tone in the manner of a pianist. With a sostenuto-style pedal interface, the PLUS Pedal utilizes a proprietary real-time audio sampling algorithm to continuously record an instrument's input and analyze the best way to generate pad-like continuous sounds from the recorded material. The end result is a "smart looper" or pseudo-freeze effect that allows fine control of the sustained sound's envelope shape, duration, and far more. Turn any sound into a gorgeous, cascading soundscape with an intuitive control set.

PLUS Pedal Features

  • Smart looper/sutain effect inspired by piano sostenuto
  • Turn any sound into lush, evolving pads with intuitive pedal control
  • Uses proprietary real-time audio sampling engine to continuously record and analyze incoming audio for seamless ambient granulation effects
  • Touch-sensitive pedal allows gradual effects rather than simple on/off behavior
  • Dedicated controls for Blend, envelope shape of sustained sound, and tone
  • Selectable number of layers for variable sonic density
  • Built-in effects loop
  • Dedicated clean output / footswitch connection jack
  • Dimensions: 90 x 195 x 72mm
  • Power specs: Standard 9VDC center negative supply (not included)
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Product Demo Videos
Upright Bass and Boutique Pedals - Josh's Big Ol' Bass Jam
Our pal Josh is a talented multi-instrumentalist who blends their love for unique pedals and expressive tones with upright bass.

Josh shares a few of their picks and practices for pushing the instrument into new territories of sound and performance !
PLUS Pedal demo | Playing Long Sustain setting
The PLUS Pedal lets you play rhythm and lead at the same time - here a long sustain setting is being used to create a nice background harmony for a top melody.
Gamechanger Audio PLUS Pedal Smart Sustain Reviews