Plum AudioVASAT 1U Expandable Mixer

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Plum Audio VASAT 1U

Modular is all about expandability and flexibility, with Plum Audio's VASAT you get a chainable mixer/offset module for your 1U row. If you're just starting out or expanding to an additional case, taking small steps towards a goal is the way to go and by integrating the VASAT into your plan, you can slowly grow ensuring you get what you need. By itself, you have two channels attenuation or attenuverting by engaging the polarity shift button. Suitable for audio or CV, using expanders on the back, you can chain multiple units together and each patch point is normalized, so you can easily expand to have a multi input single output mixer. Without anything patched, each channel has a static voltage normalized to the output with jumper on the back letting you switch between 2.5v, 5v, 7.5v, or 10v. Plum Audio's VASAT is perfect for slipping into your 1U row to fill up that extra space or grab a couple and create a full mixer.

VASAT 1U Features

  • Expandable mixer, offset, attenuation, and attenuverting module
  • Voltage normalized to output when unpatched
  • Jumpers switch the voltage range from 2.5v–10v
  • Chain multiple units together
  • Inputs and outputs normalize next to each other
  • Intellijel 1U
  • 20mm
  • 20mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V
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