Plum AudioSLEW 1U Slew Limiter

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Plum Audio SLEW 1U

Sometimes you just want quick access to a slew, whether it's for pitch or modulation, this can be incredibly handy in creating the patch of your dreams and Plum Audio's SLEW 1U is the perfect solution for a compact, constantly accessible slew. Choose from different ranges using the back panel switches and with two trimmers for adjusting the rise and fall time, the perfect slew amount is easily dialed in. SLEW 1U can be used as an AR envelope by feeding a gate signal to the input. Incredibly useful, the SLEW 1U from Plum Audio can easily replace the blank in your 1U row and give you incredible versatility.

SLEW 1U Features

  • Intellijel 1U slew limiter
  • Rise and fall controls
  • Range switches on the back
  • TBD
  • TBD
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