Plum AudioARBA 3U Quad VCA

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Plum Audio ARBA 3U

Plum Audio's ARBA 3U is a four-channel linear VCA with normalization for all patch points, independent trimmers for each channel's sensitivity for voltage, and the option to add a limiter for soft clipping. Using these three options you can configure the ARBA 3U in several different ways: as 4 VCAs, as two stereo VCAs, or sum all four channels to one output. Additionally, trimmers for each channel adjust the voltage sensitivity independently so it conforms to the voltage standard of any CV source you use. Soft clipping diodes are able to be switched on or off to add a little bit of warmth. Versitile and compact, the ARBA 3U from Plum Audio is a VCA perfect for any rack big or small.

ARBA 3U Features

  • 4-Channel VCA
  • Everything is normalized
  • Voltage sensitivity trimmers for each channel
  • Switchable soft clipping diodes
  • Standard 3U
  • 20mm
  • 50mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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