Plum AudioApex 4ROBOTS 1U

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Plum Audio Apex 4ROBOTS 1U

Apex 4ROBOTS by Plum Audio is a multi-purpose, dual channel trigger processor based on the Mutable Instruments' Peaks in the Intellijel 1U format. Offering 23 different modes, Apex provides a plentiful amount of modulation and even some drum signals to add percussive and rhythmic elements to your modular system. At its foundation, Apex has easy access to envelopes, resettable and tap tempo LFOs, and drum generators with parameter changes affecting both channels. With a few button presses and holds, Apex provides multiple ways to control each channel and offers alternative modes that can act as a mini step-sequencer, trigger delay, and much more. For further control with CV, add one of Plum Audio's expander modules in 1U and 3U formats.

Apex 4ROBOTS 1U Features

  • 1U adaptation of Peaks by Mutable Instruments
  • Dual channel trigger processor
  • 23 CV and audio modes
  • 2 trigger inputs with manual trigger buttons
  • 2 outputs
  • 4 parameter controls
  • 2 multi-function selection buttons
  • 1U Intellijel format
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 12mA @ -12V
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