Plum AudioADVA 3U Analog Multimode Filter

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Plum Audio ADVA 3U

Plum Audio's ADVA 3U is an analog filter module like no other, packing seven different filter modes, an internal white noise generator, and dual drive circuits in a mere 6hp. This compact design is all thanks to Plum Audio's custom ClickKnobs: concentric pots with push button functions for stacked parameterization. Across the top layer of controls, you'll find filter Cutoff and Resonance controls, plus a blend control for the internal white Noise generator. Meanwhile, the lower layer of controls set the Input and Output levels, plus the amount of modulation from the FM input (or white noise generator if no external source is connected). With the push buttons, you can enable either of the saturation circuits or scroll between the seven different filter modes. With all that's packed inside, Plum Audio's ADVA might be the most feature-packed compact filter ever conceived.

ADVA 3U Features

  • 7-mode analog filter
  • Interface based on Plum Audio's ClickKnobs: concentric pots with push button functionality
  • Controls for Cutoff, Resonance, FM amount, Noise level, Input level, and Output level
  • 7 filter modes: LP6, LP12, LP18, LP24, BP12, BP24, and HP12
  • Internal white noise generator—normalled to FM input
  • MCV mode allows for external modulation of filter mode
  • Pre-filter Drive and post-VCA Distortion circuits
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
ADVA - Smart Multimode Filter
ADVA is a fat-sounding 24dB ANALOG MULTIMODE FILTER packed with features including a VCA, white noise generator, pre and post-distortions and a smart interface that makes it a versatile beast in a surprisingly small package.

With 7 filter modes, ADVA provides high richness and a wide variety of tones; it can filter gently like an LPG or it can be pushed up to the edges of hot acid tones.

Self-Oscillation is available for all modes, producing a range of waves from clean sine waves up to soft square waves when activating the post-distortion circuit. Together with V/OCT tracking, ADVA works brilliantly as an oscillator or as a percussive sound generator.

A resonance loudness compensation circuit ensures that ADVA does not compromise on volume when the resonance is increased.

An Internal analog white noise generator is the little bit of spice that can make the world of difference. Blend it together with the input signal by rotating the dedicated knob to add more richness to your sound and further emphasize cutoff movements, or use it as an FM source to achieve the different flavors of dirty tones.

ADVA is packed with two separate distortion circuits. First, the soft-clipping overdrive is located in the sound path after the white noise blend knob and the input gain knob, a circuit which can push the incoming signal to thicken any waveform. If you blend the input with the noise generator it can compress the noise and exaggerate it to achieve more aggressive levels.
The second (post) distortion is located after the VCA, just before the output. This is a more aggressive distortion and can be used for acid and other dirty hot tones.

Although the sound path is completely analog, ADVA has a digital support circuit that enables a smart routing system with the option to modulate filter modes via CV, and a very intuitive interface that includes 3 CLICKKNOBS and an RGB LED ring that provides visual feedback for whatever state the filter is in.
The tiniest deepest acid filter in Eurorack: Plum Audio ADVA Demo!
In this commissioned demonstration we'll explore the new Plum Audio ADVA, a tricked-out 22HP 1U and 6HP 3U multimode acid filter. Just add VCO and Envelope, and you have a synth voice!
Plum Audio ADVA 3U Analog Multimode Filter Reviews