Playtime EngineeringBlipblox After Dark Synthesizer

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Playtime Engineering Blipblox After Dark

The Blipblox After Dark is the grown up version of Playtime Engineering's Blipblox, a synthesizer for kids. The After Dark version adds clearer panel layout with labels for the controls as well as some additional synthesis functions not found on the original.

The sequencer features hundreds of new sequences that can be randomly selected to create melodic and rhythmic patterns. It can also be controlled by the MIDI input, allowing you to integrate it with your other synthesizers. The new wavetable oscillator features 256 waveforms that can be scanned and morphed to create edgy, unabashedly digital sounds. The added multi-mode filter now has resonance control and low pass, band pass, and high pass modes, great for sculpting the tone of the new wavetable oscillator. The stereo delay adds space and complexity to your sounds. Over a 100 snare and kick drum samples are included, and can be individually tuned to suit your needs.

The soundfreak button adds glitchy variation to your sounds and the random button randomizes the settings of the patch. It features a 3x3 mod matrix with two LFOs and an attack-only envelope which can be freely routed. There is also a decay-only envelope that controls the VCA.

While the original Blipblox was intended for younger users, the After Dark version makes the design into a fully featured synthesizer that can be used by musicians of all ages.

Blipblox After Dark Features

  • Toy synthesizer
  • Multi-mode resonant filter with low pass, band pass, and high pass modes
  • Sequencer with hundreds of patterns
  • Wavetable oscillator with 256 waveforms
  • Over 100 snare and kick drum samples that can be individually tuned
  • MIDI integration
  • Multi-tap stereo delay
  • The Soundfreak button adds glitchy variation to the pattern
  • 3x3 modulation matrix with two LFOs and an attack only envelope
  • VCA with release envelope
  • Power: 5VDC center-positive PSU (USB power cable included)
  • Batteries: 3x AA (included)
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