PLAYdifferentlyModel 1.4 4-Channel DJ Mixer


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PLAYdifferently Model 1.4

Combining all the essential elements of a high-performance analog mixer, the PLAYdifferently MODEL 1.4 is a four-channel DJ mixer that's perfect for in-studio or on the road use. Building on the legacy of the classic MODEL 1, it takes the essential elements and condenses them down into a compact package.

Two high-performance phono preamps offer incredible versatility and quality that make your tracks shine. Each of the four channels features a 60mm fader with a smooth action for precisely setting levels. When pushed into the upper limits of the gain, an optional analogue overdrive adds warmth and character. The channels also include both high and low pass contour filters, and a sculpt filter that either boosts or cuts signals with a range of 70Hz–7kHz. Tailor the response of the master track using the master filter and three-band EQ on the final output. Send your tracks to external effects using the two stereo AUX sends and returns to process and reinvent your tracks. Combine multiple mixers together using the Mixer Link connections to expand your mixing possibilities.

Andy Rigby-Jones designed the MODEL 1.4 in collaboration with Richie Hawtin and the input of artists, engineers, and clubs in order to craft an incredible mixer with depth and versatility.

Model 1.4 Features

  • Four-channel analogue DJ mixer
  • High quality preamps
  • Sculpt EQ with boost or cut
  • Contour high and low pass filters
  • Master channel high and low pass filter plus three-band EQ
  • Two-band booth EQ
  • 60mm high precision TKD faders
  • Cue A and B
  • Two stereo AUX sends per channel
  • Analogue overdrive
  • Link multiple mixers together
  • 110dB dynamic range
  • D-SUB in and out
  • Inputs: Four channel RCA, two sets of stereo returns on 1/4", D-SUB
  • Outputs: XLR master, booth 1/4", two sets of stereo sends on 1/4", D-SUB
  • 110dB of dynamic range
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