Plankton ElectronicsNinja Stars Signal Splitting Hubs (4-Pack)


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Plankton Electronics Ninja Stars

Ninja Stars from Plankton Electronics includes four 3.5mm splitter hubs, perfect for splitting a signal without using stacking cables or multiples. The splitters come in four sizes: three, four, five, and six connections, with one input and multiple outputs. Keep your modular spaghetti in checkā€”the center of the splitters is empty so you can anchor them using a cable.

Note, these are not intended to be used as a mixer but rather to split one signal to multiple destinations.

Ninja Stars Features

  • Pack of cable splitters
  • Comes in four sizes, three, four, five, and six connections
  • Works with Eurorack or other 3.5mm equipment
  • Passive
  • Empty center hole for anchoring with cables
  • Passive signal splitters
Plankton Electronics Ninja Stars Signal Splitting Hubs (4-Pack) Reviews