Pittsburgh ModularVoltage Lab 2 Semi-Modular Synthesizer


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Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2

The Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2 is a two oscillator semi-modular synthesizer with fresh wave shaping, a performative touch controller, and plenty of analog circuits for constructing complex sound making systems. Unleashed from the labs as the second-coming of their limited-run Voltage Research Laboratory, Voltage Lab 2 offers comprehensive tools for experimenting with the sounds of analog voltage.

Two Laboratory oscillators form the base of the Voltage Lab 2's wide palette of sonic potential, offering new wave shaping methods like Oscillator 1's center clipping, which folds waves from the inside out rather than at its peaks. Laboratory oscillator 2 adds Pulse Symmetry and Wave Reflection, which add stair steps to wave forms or flip the negative portions onto the positive, respectively. Alongside ring modulation, FM, hard-sync, and bit-crushing circuits, these novel wave shaping methods provide a rich foundation with which to construct your sound.

Control dynamics and harmonic content simultaneously to shape these folded waves into musical events using the Pittsburgh Dynamics Processor. This elaboration on a classic low pass gate has modes for VCA, variable decay low pass gate, and percussive LPG to shape your tones into highly organic note shapes, giving the Voltage Lab 2 a pleasantly real-world character. The Voltage Lab two gives you two function generators to use as envelopes, LFOs, and more, capable of complex modulations when combined using trig conditions and other CV interactions. Alongside these useful circuits are many modular utilities for adding and manipulating modulation, including an additional LFO, noise generator, sample and hold, and flexible mixing tools.

Perform and sequence your sonic experiments using the Voltage Lab 2's performance touch controller, giving you dual channels of stored CV values and gestural modulations to perform live or sequence using the onboard chance sequencer. With two channels of control, you can even sequence and create performative gestures simultaneously. This flexible controller also operates in both quantized 1v/octave modes and unquantized voltages, letting you create traditional melodic music, exploratory tunings, complex chaos, and everything in between.

On top of all this, two high quality analog effects help round out your sound. Florist combines flanging and chorus, for short time scale modulations that add thickness and warble to your tones. Echos offers a dark and warm analog BBD delay circuit to create repeats, adding depth and space to all your sonic experiments. Both effects have highly controlled feedback parameters, giving you a large range of useful effect depth before spinning into self-oscillation.

Built to satisfy the most curious of newcomers and empower veteran synthesists all the same, the Voltage Lab 2 from Pittsburgh Modular offers an amazing set of tools to explore modular synthesis, electronic audio, and complex systems. Whether you are looking for a premium entry point into modular synthesis's most daring techniques or simply adding to an established arsenal of experimental synth equipment, the Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2 is ready to test your latest sound hypothesis.

Voltage Lab 2 Features

  • Two-oscillator modular synthesizer system
  • Dual-channel, 16 note performance touch controller and sequencer with 8 simultaneous outputs per channel
  • Arpeggiator and robust chance sequencer
  • 101 patch-point, fully modular Eurorack format synthesizer
  • Two Laboratory Oscillators with innovative wave folding circuits - center clipping, pulse symmetry, and wave reflection
  • Built in ring modulator, frequency modulation, bit-crushing, and hard-sync oscillator effects
  • Two flexible function generators with trigger conditions and mixer create complex modulation shapes
  • Two powerful analog effects offer flanging/chorus and rich BBD delay
  • Modular synth utilities like mixers, LFO, splitters, and more bring your sounds to life with modulation and control
  • Noise generator and sample and hold circuits
  • Assignable key and scale modes with microtonal scales up to 32 EDO
  • In-depth sequencing with per step and global sequencers, including generative modes, humanizing, and more
  • MIDI to CV and MIDI clock functions integrate with most other synths or DAWs
  • Includes PSU, poster, and 20x Nazca Noodles patch cables
  • Dimensions: 23.6" x 13.8" x 8.1" / 600 x 350 x 205 mm
  • Weight: 11lbs / 4kg
  • Power: wall wart PSU Included
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