PioneerToraiz SQUID Sequencer


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Pioneer Toraiz SQUID

Pioneer DJ lets the curtain fall on the latest addition to its TORAIZ product line, as The SQUID (SeQuencer Inspirational Device) takes the stage in the world of hardware sequencers. The SQUID immediately distinguishes itself through connectivity with any era of gear, as well as a diverse feature set that prioritizes variation and playability in a compact desktop format centered around a 4x4 grid of pads. These pads are perfect for either MPC style beat creation or X0X style sequencing, as each pad has an LED backlight that relays crisp visual feedback to its user.

The TORAIZ utilizes a step edit function for instant and malleable creation of phrases. Step Edit consists of several functions—a Trigger mode used to step-record sequence patterns, as well as a Transpose feature for quick variation. There is a Scale mode that turns the pad bank into a chromatic keyboard, perfect for nuanced expression in your performance that can be recorded in real time. The SQUID continues with a Harmonizer function that lets you easily find inspiration for chords. The Harmonizer can hold up to six chords that can be assigned to a row of buttons under SQUID's pad bank. You can record your chord progressions into steps or real-time performances, with which you can intuitively create evolving phrases.

On a more macro level The SQUID includes a phrase arrangement section for rearranging sequence patterns in real time. This lets you improvise the structure of your songs, giving your performances a new level of articulation and spontaneity. The Speed Modulation function allows for a gentler form of bpm modulation that creates unique grooves and a pushing/pulling feeling that humanizes your patterns. You can also change the running direction of your sequence, for when you feel that your pattern has grown stale. Find new patterns by trying Zig-Zag or Clockwise directions that take advantage of the SQUID's 4x4 pads—something that hasn't been seen on a general sequencer. For more flavor try combining Reverse, Switch Back, and Flip with the six different running directions; giving you 48 different playback directions!

To round off the phrase arrangement section, the groove bend feature allows you to change your trigger timing in real time via a horizontal slider. This enables the creation of grooves as if you were playing each of your patterns by simply moving a spring-loaded slider. Yet another feature in this packed-to-the-gills unit is the Time Warp function: never lose a phrase you make, using the Time Warp function to audition previous phrases you have created and save it as a new sequence pattern.

Lastly the SQUID has a port for every occasion, with dedicated USB B, MIDI In/Out/Thru, two sets of CV/GATE outputs, CLOCK input/output, and DIN SYNC input/output terminals. The SQUID can connect to almost any piece of gear in the known universe, making it perfect for the discerning musician with an eclectic and constantly evolving studio!

Toraiz SQUID Features

  • 16 track sequencer
  • Step editor capable of complex meter
  • Phrase arrangement section
  • Multiple running directions in the sequencer
  • Full connectivity with every era of gear
  • Interpolation to generate automation betwen multiple points
  • Send and recieve MIDI files throught SQUID manger app
  • Dimensions 374.8 × 223.9 × 72.1 mm/ 14.8” x 8.8” x 2.8”
Product Demo Videos
Pioneer DJ Toraiz Squid Sequencer Jam
The Squid is a powerful sequencer that can be the center of your setup sequencing up to 16 tracks. It has lots of connectivity with multiple midi ports two channels of CV/gate and analog clock as well as din sync. The sequencer tracks are easy to program in real time or step sequencer style and can have independent lengths and running directions. The Squid can go much deeper than just note and gate sequencing with time modulated sequences and CC controls over synthesizer parameters.
Pioneer Toraiz Squid 16 Track Sequencer SuperBooth 2019
Pioneer had their new Toraiz Squid sequencer at SuperBooth 2019. It is a powerful sequencer with 16 tracks and features that let you easily make complex sequences and edit them on the fly. As well as midi it has CV outputs and analog clock as well as din sync.
Pioneer Toraiz SQUID Sequencer Reviews