PioneerDDJ-XP2 DJ Controller


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Pioneer DDJ-XP2

The Pioneer DDJ-XP2 is a DJ pad controller for both Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ. It works great in conjunction with a pair of turntables and a mixer to allow for quick access to all your effects, cue points, samples, and tracks. The DDJ-XP2 features sixteen-RGB pads with 16-pad modes accessible on the top of the pads. The 16 pads can be split into two groups of eight pads with different modes.

Get great hands-on control of your effects with the Slide FX strips, each featuring up to three effects and either momentary or latching modes. The four bar loop button is perfect for catching a bit of your track and looping it, with size controls that either half or double the length of the loop. The silent cue mutes the track until you hit a hot cue button and quantizes to the BPM. The BPM and pitch of your tracks can be set independently with the ability to nudge either. The DDJ-XP2 is a great companion to Serato or Rekordbox that adds a lot of functionality and control.

DDJ-XP2 Features

  • DJ pad controller
  • Two channels each with 16 RGB pads and eight pad modes
  • Works with Serato or Rekordbox
  • Two decks
  • Touch-strip for FX
  • Reverse button
  • Four-bar loop with half and double buttons
  • Easily sync all your tracks
  • Quantize your cue points to the BPM of your mix
  • USB powered (cable included)
  • 333 x 42 x 235mm/13.1 x 1.6 x 9.25"
  • Windows 10, 8.1, or 7
  • macOS 10.12+
Pioneer DDJ-XP2 DJ Controller Reviews