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PigtronixEcholution 3 Stereo Multi-Tap Delay Pedal


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Pigtronix Echolution 3

Capable of turning any instrument into a soundscape, the Pigtronix Echolution 3 is a stereo delay pedal with an abundance of multi-tap configurations, delay time distributions, and optional special effect modes. Yet despite all that it has to offer, the Echolution 3 offers a simple, straightforward interface of only four knobs, two footswitches, a handful of buttons, and additional features available via external foot controllers.

Set the delay time of Echolution with the dedicated Time control or use the left footswitch to set the time with Tap Tempo. For rhythmic variety, you can activate up to two subdivisions of your base delay time, accessible with the push button above the Time control. 3/4 mode offers dotted-eight delays, while Golden employs the Golden Ratio of .382 for its subdivision. From there, dial in your dry/wet Mix, amount of feedback Repeats, and optional Modulation of the delay line.

Want some more out of Echolution 3? Tap Tempo is one of only four different modes available for the left footswitch. Reverse mode flips the delay buffer around for backwards playback, Jump doubles playback speed for octave shifting, and Pong engages alternating stereo ping-pong delay sounds. That's not all though, because with remote expansion and MIDI sync opportunities, Echolution 3 is well-equipped for a variety of delay scenarios. Small but mighty, Echolution 3 is a robust delay effect that will enhance your music until the end of time.

Echolution 3 Features

  • Compact stereo delay pedal
  • Multi-tap delay functionality
  • Tap Tempo and manual Time control
  • Delay time subdivisons: 1, 3/4, Golden
  • Dry/wet Mix control
  • Repeats feedback control
  • Modulation control with Speed, Depth, and Tone pages
  • Special delay effects: Reverse, Jump, and Pong
  • Four onboard presets
  • Expandable with remote footswitch
  • MIDI sync capabilities
  • Dimensions: 3.25" x 4.5" x 2.2"
  • Power Specs: 100mA @ 9VDC center negative (PSU not included)
Pigtronix Echolution 3 Stereo Multi-Tap Delay Pedal Reviews