PercussaSSP Super Signal Processor


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Percussa SSP

Percussa's SSP is perhaps the most advanced Eurorack module available, employing a super-powerful quad-core ARM Cortex A17 processor to offer an internally modular synthesis environment—a modular system in a single module, allowing the creation of all sorts of sounds and modulations. SSP offers wavetable synthesis, real-time granular synthesis, traditional subtractive techniques, and much more—the user is limited only by their imagination.

SSP provides a 2D, grid-based internal patching environment, in which users can create and connect internal modules. Modules may be as simple as oscillators or envelope or as advanced as wavetable oscillators and granular processors. An enormous grid of these modules provides the opportunity for countless sonic adventures: one could create several small, simple patches that coexist simultaneously, or more complex arrangements of modules that create a single powerful instrument. And of course, patch configurations can be stored and recalled at a moment's notice, making it possible to recreate past experiments with ease.

SSP provides a ton of absurdly high-resolution inputs and outputs (16 in and 8 out, all DC-coupled), and can act as a MIDI device or MIDI host, making it easy to integrate into any workflow—modular systems, DAWs, and desktop MIDI-based setups all included.

To attempt to list all of the SSP's features would be absurd—but rest knowing that it is capable of vastly more than any other Eurorack module. Polyphonic wavetable synthesizers, real-time granular processing, storing and recall of entire patch environments, sampling, physical modeling, and more—the SSP seems to do basically everything.

SSP Features

  • Insanely powerful platform for modular DSP experimentation
  • Uses internal 2D patching grid to create signal generation and processing paths
  • Includes morphing wavetable oscillator, sampler, granular synthesis, waveshaper, envelope generator, comb filter, step sequencer, and many more module choices (with more on the way!)
  • 1600x480 pixel, full color display
  • High-quality encoder and button editing interface
  • Acts as MIDI device and host
  • 2GB internal RAM and storage on SD card (16GB professional card included)
  • 24 CV & audio I/O jacks for endlessly flexible signal routing
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 60hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 850mA @ +12V, 250mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Percussa SSP In-Store Demo + Q&A
Percussa demonstrated their SSP Eurorack module in our Burbank CA showroom on Wednesday April 4/24 from 6-8PM, showing us some of the countless insane things it can do.
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