Pedal BrainzLeft Brain Light-Controlled Expression + Modulation Pedal


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Pedal Brainz Left Brain

Bring some spice and interest to your pedalboard with the Pedal Brainz Left Brain, a suprisingly small yet capable source of expression modulation based on internally-generated light patterns. Inside is an Arduino generating up to 50 different patterns of light and color, which are interpreted by a photoresistor to generate various modulation shapes. When connected to the Expression port on an effects pedal, this can impart lively modulations you'd be hard-pressed to find outside of a modular synthesizer.

On top are three knobs and two buttons, which control various functions of the Left Brain. Jump through the different pre-loaded patterns, or active Light Loopz mode with a long press of the Up button. Left Brain can function as a manual expression pedal too, by flipping the side switch to EXP mode. Give your pedalboard a creative mind of its own with the Left Brain by Pedal Brainz.

Note: Left Brain does not generate its own CV—it operates much like a standard passive expression pedal in terms of connection. A power supply simply allows the internal Arduino to operate. Connect only to TRS Expression ports for operation.

Left Brain Features

  • Compact light-based expression and modulation pedal
  • 50 pre-loaded light patterns
  • Light Loopz recording mode
  • Scale control on the side provides full Heel-Toe expression range
  • Range switch offers additional scaling
  • Bypass internal light source for manual expression control
  • Tip/Ring revserse switch
  • Operates on Arduino QTPY platform
  • Supports custom user-modez
  • Requires connection to a pedal's expression jack to operate—does not generate CV on its own
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative PSU (not included)
Pedal Brainz Left Brain Light-Controlled Expression + Modulation Pedal Reviews