Patching PandaPunch MG Quad VCA + Decay with Mute Group


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Patching Panda Punch MG

Building on their original Punch module, features four channels of VCAs and decay envelopes linked together by Mute Group functionality for interesting dynamic interplay and choke-style interactions. Each of Punch MG's channels follow a simple architecture: a VCA with audio inputs and outputs controlled by an internal decay-only envelope. By routing audio signals into Punch MG's inputs you're able to transform any drone, pad, or noise into a more rhythmic element of your patch. The amplitude and length of decay are set by the Level and Time controls respectively, while channels may be triggered manually or with the external Trig inputs.

Punch MG truly starts to shine once you begin to make use of the Mute Group functionality. Enabled with a switch above each channel's Level control, MG-active channels feature interplay between incoming triggers, affected by their decay time settings and the distribution of incoming triggers. Fun gating patterns or classic drum machine-style choke effects are easily achieved, and by linking a second Punch MG you can expand to eight Mute Group channels for even more complex interactions. For those with systems equipped to lay down raging beats, Punch MG is ready to bring eve more variation and interest to your rhythms.

Punch MG Features

  • 4-channel VCA + Decay module
  • Audio inputs and outputs per channel, mix available at output 4
  • Decay envelopes triggered manually or via external triggers
  • Per-channel Level and decay Time controls
  • Mute Group eable per channel
  • Optional invert envelope per channel for ducking behaviors
  • Add a second Punch MG via rear connections for eight channels of Mute Group fun
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
Patching Panda Punch MG Quad VCA + Decay with Mute Group Reviews