Patching PandaParticles Trigger Processor (Black)


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Patching Panda Particles

Patching Panda presents Particles, a four-channel trigger processor that is designed for maximum playability and fun by adding variation and manipulation to your clock signal. Using the four sliders and pair of knobs, you can quickly dial in some truly off-kilter patterns that will make your beats confused, bass lines funked, and arpeggios turn into new lifeforms. Shift and scramble the outputs, repeat triggers with different time signatures, and use sequential switching just to name some of the fun that can be had. Being a Eurorack module, you can use CV to manipulate the Particles to create an organic, pulsating being that influences itself. Patching Panda's Particles is perfect for a rack that needs to inject a bit of controlled chaos into their rack or if you're just looking for quick, interesting rhythms.

Particles Features

  • 4-Channel trigger processor
  • Multiple clock manipulation and variation algorithms
  • Shift outputs
  • Mute triggers in interesting ways
  • Independent time signatures for each channel
  • Probability parameters
  • CV Inputs for Probability, Rate, Shift, and Absorb
  • Clock and Reset inputs
  • 4 Trigger inputs
  • 4x Multifunction sliders
  • Processes external clocks, no internal clock generator
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 66mA @ +12V, 16mA @ -12V
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