OXI InstrumentsCoral Polyphonic Multi-Engine Module


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OXI Instruments Coral

OXI Instruments' CORAL is a compact eight-voice, polyphonic, MIDI-centric, multi-part Eurorack module that offers unparalleled flexibility and can easily serve as the core of any system. Spread across ten different synth engines, the eight voices can be freely assigned to a virtual analog, waveshaping, FM, Wavetable, MDO, String, three drums synths, a WAV sample player engine, or many others. Each of these has their own controls for adjusting the sonic texture of the synth engine and you can group each voice, or cluster of voices, into their own Part, assigned to an independent MIDI channel.

You can use the CV inputs to control your modulation as well as via MIDI CC which makes this the tweaker's perfect companion. While you can take this module as deep as you'd like with part splitting and voice assignments, you can also keep it as a luscious 8-voice poly synth inside of the Eurorack ecosystem. The Harm, Timbre, and Morph knobs are dependent on the synth engine which can open up possibilities for complex voice shaping and with built in Reverb and Chorus effects, this makes a really great addition to any size setup, and especially nice for anyone just starting out.

OXI Instruments is a young company that has made a huge impact on the music making world with their amazing OXI One, and their CORAL is sure to revolutionize the modular world in a wonderful way.

Coral Features

  • 8-Voice polyphonic Eurorack Module
  • 13 Synth engines
  • Voices are freely assignable to different engines
  • Choose between: Virtual Analog, Waveshaping, FM, Wavetable, MDO (multiple detuned oscillators), String, Hi Hat, Snare, Bass Drum, WAV Player, Additive, Acid, and 3VCO engines
  • Harmonics, Timbre, and Morph knobs adjust sonic texture dependant on the synth engine
  • Polyphonic behaviors available via both MIDI and CV
  • Voices can be assigned to discrete MIDI Channels (parts)
  • Can be used as an eight-voice MPE-compatible synthesizer
  • CV Inputs can modulate all parts, or voltage ranges can be assigned to different parts
  • MIDI TRS input and CC modulation for all parameters available
  • Built-in Reverb and Chorus
  • Custom wavetables via OXI Wave App
  • Store up to 320 WAV Samples 16, 24, and 32-bit are all acceptable
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
We are very proud to bring you Coral, the first Eurorack Polyphonic Module that is fully multi-timbral, multi-part and multiengine.
This means that, apart from delivering Huge polyphonic sounds, it allows you to freely use the 8 available voices to your needs.
This turns Coral into a powerful little groovebox, drum machine, poly synth and everything in the middle.
Coral also includes a Wav player among its engines.

The music of this video has been entirely made with one single Coral.
CORAL MPE - Tutorial and sound Demos
Coral has been upgraded with MPE support, turning it into a full polyphonic 8-voice MPE synthesizer!
You can harness the expressiveness of any MPE controller, and combine it with CV modulation!

MPE allows you to control pitch bend, poly aftertouch and slide on a per-note basis.

We have mapped aftertouch/pressure to modulate the filter cutoff and volume for immediate playability.
OXI Instruments Coral Polyphonic Multi-Engine Module Reviews