OrtofonConcorde mkII Club Twin Cartridges


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Ortofon Concorde mkII Club (Twin)

Ortofon’s Concorde mkII Club brings professional sound quality to the world of vinyl playback. Its custom elliptic stylus fits perfectly into record grooves, ensuring that every last detail is present, with exemplary fidelity. Its output voltage is 8mV, promoting transparent sonic reproduction. If all that wasn’t enough, Concorde mkII Club is inherently feedback resistant—perfect for live performance! This pack contains two Concorde mkII Club cartridges.

Concorde mkII Club (Twin) Features

  • Optimal sound quality
  • Perfect for traditional vinyl playback
  • Elliptic stylus hits the groove in all the right spots
  • 8mV output voltage promotes transparent sound
  • Feedback resistant
  • Perfect for live performance
  • Stylus type: Spherical Elliptical r/R 13/25 um
  • Cartridge weight: 18.5g
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