Origin EffectsRevivalDRIVE Dual Overdrive Pedal


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Origin RevivalDRIVE Dual Overdrive Pedal

RevivalDRIVE from Origin Effects is a dual overdrive that captures the sound of vintage amplifiers for a full and rich tone. It is not based on a specific amplifier, but instead delivers tones from a vast array of classic amps. The unique ghost control recreates the "ghost note" effect found on valve amps when pushed to the extremes. It comes equipped with both valve and silicon-style rectification, each with a unique sag behavior that influences your sound's harmonic characteristics differently. The rectification stage and ghost control interact and influence the sound in a myriad of ways.

Tailor the preamp to your liking with the voicing and bright-cap selection switches. The Reactive Drive Technology gives you the true-to-form non-linear performance of a valve amplifier. Reign in the character of the distortion with the variable negative feedback. Use the More/Pres knobs to get the exact sonic presence you need with tons of room for variation with a single knob that does double duty. Engage the midrange boost section to cut through the mix, great for soaring solos. The reamp EQ section ensures the revivalDRIVE works great with a wide range of amplifiers with a three-way selection switch, low pass filter, and a hi-shelving filter. RevivalDRIVE unlocks a whole realm of overdrive and the classic character of valve amplifiers.

RevivalDRIVE Features

  • Valve amplifier-style overdrive
  • Silicon and valve rectification
  • Ghost control for ghost notes present on driven amps
  • More/pres knob adds presence or reduces negative feedback in output stage
  • Reactive drive technology gives the non-linear performance of a valve amplifier
  • Midboost cuts through the mix
  • Class-A preamplifier stage
  • Re-amp EQ with hi shelve and low pass filters
  • Boost lows for a huge sound
  • Selection of bright caps
  • Suited for a wide range of amplifiers
  • True bypass silent switching
  • Dry gain control
  • Dimensions: 160 x 118 x 65mm/6.3 x 4.65 x 2.56"
  • Power Specs: 120mA @ 9V DC center-negative 2.1mm power supply (not included)
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