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Origin EffectsRevivalDRIVE Compact Overdrive Pedal


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Origin RevivalDRIVE Compact Overdrive Pedal

RevivalDRIVE Compact from Origin Effects condenses the amazing power of the RevivalDRIVE into a compact chassis while retaining its larger sibling's potency and performance. The pedal accurately recreates the character of a vintage valve amplifier with an all-analog signal path.

Origin Effects captured the behavior of rectifier and transformer sag in the power section. Use the More/Pres control to define the negative feedback within the power amp. Turning to the right towards Pres boosts high-frequency content. Turning to the More on the left reduces negative feedback in the push-pull output stage, increasing the overall gain and modifying the break-up characteristics. Tailor the harmonic content with the highs and lows knobs to get your playing to sit perfectly in the mix. Go from subtle gain all the way to sustained and aggressive distortion. Use the post-drive EQ to adjust your pedal to your amp's clean setting, not the other way around. In EQ1 and EQ2 modes, the ADJ knob adds filtering to better suit the output to your amplifier needs. The blend knob both brings in your dry input signal while backing off the gain of the overdriven signal to get the perfect mix. Get the perfect valve amp tone with any amplifier you have with the RevivalDRIVE Compact.

RevivalDRIVE Compact Features

  • Valve amplifier pedal
  • More/Pres knob controls negative feedback
  • Push-pull output stage
  • Accurately recreates power supply sag
  • Use with a clean amp to get the optimal tone
  • Gain goes from subtle to growling distortion
  • Blend controls dry/wet and backs off gain for the perfect mix
  • High/low EQ
  • Post drive EQ with filters
  • Buffered bypass with silent switching
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 100mA @ +9V DC center negative 2.1mm (not included)
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