Origin EffectsMAGMA57 Amp Vibrato & Drive Pedal


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Origin MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato & Drive Pedal

Inspired by the classic Magnatone 200 Series amplifiers, MAGMA57 from Origin Effects offers the best that vintage amps could offer in a compact pedal format. There are two equally important parts to this pedal—a true pitch-modulating glimmering vibrato, and a smooth yet powerful overdrive. The effects section is further reinforced by the flexible three-band equalizer, allowing you to shape the perfect tone.

This is not, however, where the magic ends with MAGMA57. The blend switch allows you to combine the dry and wet signal in phase, which results in yet another type of vintage sonic goodness, inspired by the distinctive Univox Uni-Vibe. Setting the switch to 180º turns the pedal into a unique phaser + tremolo combo effect. This tasteful pairing of effects with well thought-out controls results in a pedal that is as easily capable of delivering soft and reserved jazz tones as it is heavily modulated psychedelic swirls.

MAGMA57 Features

  • A perfect blend of clear overdrive and pitch-bending vibrato
  • Inspired by the vintage Magnatone 200 Series amplifiers
  • Flexible post-overdrive EQ section
  • Two blend options provide additional Uni-Vibe style rotary and Chorus effects
  • Sturdy all-metal construction
  • Sturdy all-metal construction
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative (PSU not included)
Origin Effects MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato & Drive Pedal Reviews