Origin EffectsHalcyon Green Overdrive Pedal


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Origin Effects Halcyon Green

Based on the Tube Screamer, Origin Effects' Halcyon Green is a mid-forward overdrive that features a proprietary Adaptive Circuitry—letting you get great tone even at low volume. Not just another clone, this Tube Screamer-inspired overdrive gives you the classic sound you want but also a clever Adapt switch that will let the richness of your clean tone come through. With three different positions: off, I and II, you can adjust how much of the Adaptive Circuitry will be added. Adjust the EQ, too, with the Voice switch giving you the classic TS808, mid-humped sound or a more modern, brighter sound with the mid-hump slightly more resonant and shifted up the frequency spectrum. Control the sound with classic Drive, Tone and Level controls as well as a Dry level control letting you get just a whisper of grit or heavily begritted. If you like the Tube Screamer, you will love the Halcyon Green from Origin Effects—and if it's been awhile since you've tried one, give this a whirl.

Halcyon Green Features

  • Tube Screamer-inspired overdrive pedal
  • Proprietary Adaptive Circuitry lets you retain character at low guitar volumes
  • Dry knob for adding clean tone
  • Three-way adapt switch for classic Tube Screamer behavior and 2 different level of Adaptive sensitivity
  • Voice switch for classic mid-humped Tube Screamer sound or modern, brighter, more resonant sound
  • Dimensions: 124 × 58 × 64 mm (4.8 x 2.5 x 2.3 in.)
  • Power Specs: 9VDC, 80mA, 2.1mm center-negative (not included)
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