omiindustriiesr2rawr Lo-Fi Digital to Analog Converter


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omiindustriies r2rawr

The r2rawr from omiindustriies is a lo-fi digital to analog converter that uses gate signals to create sequences. It pairs wonderfully with clock dividers, random gate sources, and gate sequencers. The 5 gate inputs are arranged vertically and indicate the weighting in the DAC. The upper most input, labeled MSB is the most significant bit and changes the output the most, while the bottom input, labeled LSB or least significant bit, changes the output the least. The middle three inputs change the output based on their order vertically, with each input changing the output level by half as much as the input above it.

The output is passed through an attenuverter which sets the polarity and amplitude of the output signal. The r2rawr can also accept signals other than gate signals, in which case it acts as a weighted mixer with the order signals are patched setting their amplitude in the output mix. The r2rawr uses high-speed op amps throughout and can be used with input signals that are sub-audio, audio, or up to video frequencies. The r2rawr can take simple gate signals and make complex sequences with them, offering a new way to create melodies or modulation within your Eurorack system.

r2rawr Features

  • 5-bit digital to analog converter
  • 5 input bits which are arranged vertically indicating weighing
  • Attenuverter on output stage for setting amplitude and polarity
  • High-speed op amps allow it to be used up to video rates
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 15mA @ +12v, 14mA @ -12V
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omiindustriies r2rawr Lo-Fi Digital to Analog Converter Reviews