Olivia Artz ModularTime Machine Eight-Tap Stereo Granular Delay


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Olivia Artz Modular Time Machine

Explore the sounds of temporal experimentation with Time Machine from Olivia Artz Modular, an eight-tap stereo granular delay module. Providing nine faders for tactile control of each delay line (plus the dry signal), Time Machine offers a canvas with which to bend and shape delays for a variety of sonic results. With an immediate interface perfect for performance, and precision capable of tuned feedback tones and polyrhythmic delay patterns.

In addition to the generous array of delay lines with dedicated faders, Time Machine is equipped with even more controls for designing delays. The t knob sets a maximum delay time up to 8 seconds. This physical control is exponential, providing ample room to explore short delay times. For astronomically long delays, the t/2v CV input controls maximum delay time up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds, with each 1V of change resulting in a doubling or halving of the delay time. Adding further options for your sound design, a clock input allows you to create rhythmic delays related to the clock tempo, spiraling simple sequences into complex and captivating polyrhythms. Spread control and CV input tilts the spacing of repeats towards or away from the maximum time value (t), providing a way to unquantize delays and shape the timbre of reverb-like effects. Finally, a feedback control and CV input allows more of the processed signal to return to the delay, dialing in everything from slap-back effects to screeching granular feedback drones.

Time Machine excels at creating warm feedback plucks, rhythmic and ratcheting repeats, and infinitely echoic granular goo. Its wide range of sonic possibilities are easily explorable through a straightforward interface that rewards tactile experimentation and play. Comprehensive enough to be your only delay and plenty of character to stand out in a dedicated effects rack, Time Machine from Olivia Artz Modular offers a future worth exploring.

Time Machine Features

  • Stereo eight-tap granular delay module
  • Nine individual level control faders for each delay line and dry signal
  • t control and CV input adjusts maximum delay time - up to 8 seconds with knob or 2m 30s with CV input
  • Clock input creates delays with repeats occurring on divisions of the clock pulse for polyrhythmic delay lines
  • Spread control and CV input spaces repeats closer or further from the maximum time value
  • Feedback control and CV input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 22hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 122mA @ +12V, 8mA @ -12V
  • Current draw: 24-bit audio in/out (-5V to +5V)
  • Current draw: 16-bit CV control (-5V to +5V)
Olivia Artz Modular Time Machine Eight-Tap Stereo Granular Delay Reviews