Olivella ModularGravedad Analog Gravitational VCO


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Olivella Modular Gravedad

From Olivella Modular, Gravedad is an analog oscillator supporting through-zero FM, stereo subharmonic generation, and numerous other features wrapped into a compelling pseudo-complex oscillator package. Based on the SSI2130 IC, Gravedad features a triangle-core oscillator design with sine, sawtooth, and square outputs, all tracking pitches superbly across ten octaves. But of course, more timbres are easily found thanks to its FM capabilities, supporting both AC and DC-coupled through-zero FM and traditional linear FM.

Gravedad's standout feature, though, is the Mass section of the module. A sort variable-shape subharmonic generator, Mass can be triggered either by Gravedad's primary VCO, an external source, or it can self-oscillate for a variety of related, independent, or chaotic behaviors. When following the core VCO or activated by an external trigger, you'll find morphing timbres from spike to saw waves, before it begins folding down to undertones and subdivisions of the primary frequency. But when running free, Mass can produce a very usable sawtooth waveform with three or four octaves of range. If that all weren't enough, Mass features an aptly-named Force component which imparts stereo movement and saturation to the left and right Mass outputs. Mass is also internally routed to the main oscillator's FM input, so you're able to create a number of complex oscillator tones (and beyond) in a mere 12hp. Bring some new waveforms to your modular system with Gravedad by Olivella Modular.

Gravedad Features

  • Analog oscillator
  • Based on SSI2130, triangle-core deisgn with tracking across 10 octaves
  • Sine, Sawtooth, and Sqaure outputs
  • Coarse and fine tuning controls
  • Octave select slider with CV input
  • Thru-zero FM with AC or DC-coupling, plus traditional linear FM
  • Hard sync input
  • Mass suboscillator follows core VCO, external triggers, or self-oscillates
  • Mass waveshapes from spikes to sawtooth
  • Folding down undertone series when following source
  • 3-4 octave tracking range in Free mode
  • Force parameter pans and saturates Mass at left and right outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 110mA @ -12V
Olivella Modular Gravedad Analog Gravitational VCO Reviews