Old Blood Noise EndeavorsSplit | Meld Stereo to Dual Mono Splitter Pedal


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Old Blood Noise Split | Meld Stereo to Dual Mono Splitter Pedal

Split-Meld from Old Blood Noise Endeavors is an audio routing tool that provides an easy solution for dual-mono or stereo signal paths. The passive design is a non-destructive and non-summing solution that works great with no signal loss. It consists of two channels, each with a TRS/stereo jack and two TS/mono jacks. The two TS jacks correspond to the tip and ring of the TRS jacks, making it easy to connect between devices with a single 1/4" stereo jack for I/O and devices with dual mono connections. Split-Meld will make a perfect addition to many pedalboards that feature stereo audio paths, perfectly melding the two harmoniously.

Split | Meld Features

  • Cable format converter / splitter + combiner
  • Passive design
  • Non-destructive and non-summing
  • Splits one TRS signal to two TS or two TS signals to one TRS
  • Tip and ring of TRS corresponds to the two TS jacks
  • Great for stereo or dual mono pedals
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: Passive
Product Demo Videos
OBNE Presents: Split | Meld
Howdy. We at OBNE are pleased to present: Split | Meld.
Split | Meld Is a passive, non-summing, non-destructive way to manage parallel dual-mono and stereo signal paths.
Split | Meld is an audio routing solution.
Split | Meld consists of 2 pairs of a TRS (or Stereo) Jack & 2 TS Mono jacks.
The TIP & RING of each TRS jack is routed to a corresponding Mono jack.
Use SPLIT | MELD to route your parallel signal path in a myriad of ways—Especially useful with devices that have TRS input & dual-mono output. As heard in the pictured signal path: Instrument into Strymon Deco - dual-mono out;
Left: Reflector; Procession.
Right: Dark Star; Flat Light.
Dual-mono into Split | Meld; TRS out to Strymon Iridium; Stereo out to DAW.

Split | Meld is simple.
Split | Meld is practical.
Practically Simple.
Simply Practical.
Split | Meld.
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Split | Meld Stereo to Dual Mono Splitter Pedal Reviews