Old Blood Noise EndeavorsProcession Reverb Pedal V2


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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Procession V2

The Procession, from Old Blood Noise Endeavors, is a versatile reverb pedal from beyond moon. This thing could literally be implemented in a variety of film scoring and sound design applications, especially those leaning towards the science fiction genre. Sonically, Procession consists of an alien mix of esoteric reverb boosted by three modulation parameters. Consequently, these controls allow users to cover a vast range of sonic territory, ranging from simple reverb to recurrent insanity. 

In terms of controls, the Procession’s Mix and Reverb knobs govern the wet/dry mix and the decay of the reverb, while the Speed and Depth knobs coincide with the chosen modulation mode: Filter, Flange, or Tremolo. Additionally, the pedal features two footswitches: Bypass and Hold. The former is a traditional on/off true bypass switch, while the latter is a momentary switch that locks the present note through the reverb effect and sustains it for as long as the switch is active. 

Procession V2 Features

  • Versitle reverb, from classic to spacey sci-fi styles
  • Three modulation options, flange, filter, and tremolo
  • The Mix and Reverb knobs control the Dry/Wet mix and reverb decay
  • The Speed and Depth knobs correspond with the selected modulation mode
  • Dual Footswitches: True Bypass switch, and a reverb "Hold" effect. 
  • If the mix is less than 100% wet, one can play over the sustaining reverb
  • Power: 9V DC- 2.1mm plug, negative center
  • Current Draw: 60mA 
Product Demo Videos
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Procession Technical Demo
the Procession is an ambient, sci-fi sounding reverb. sounds you can take a bath to. and we do. separately, but during work hours. the Procession has three modes, Flange, Filter and Tremolo. so the lingering reverb travels through the different modulation modes.
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