Old Blood Noise EndeavorsMTET MIDI to Expression Translator


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Old Blood Noise Endeavors MTET

The Old Blood Noise Endeavors MTET is a MIDI to Expression Translator—a device that accepts MIDI messages and turns them into a way of controlling your expression-input-equipped effect pedals. Effectively turning any pedal with an expression jack into a MIDI-controllable effect processor, MTET is a powerful tool for creative control of your effect pedals.

MTET features a single 5-pin MIDI input, a 5-pin MIDI Thru (great for daisy-chaining MIDI connections, even between multiple MTETs), and not one—but four expression outputs. Simply use a 1/4" TRS cable to connect from any of the outputs to your pedal of choice, and voila! You now have a MIDI-controllable effect pedal. Simply send in a CC corresponding to your desired output channel and you'll be able to control your pedal from your MIDI controller, computer, synthesizer, drum machine, or other MIDI-equipped control source.

Using special additional CC messages, you can fine tune your output to a tighter resolution than possible via a single CC; additionally, you can set MTET to operate on any MIDI channel. Simply put, if you need a way of using MIDI control change messages to automate or remotely control your pedals, MTET is one of the best solutions we have seen.

MTET Features

  • MIDI CC to expression jack translator
  • Enables MIDI control of any expression-input-equipped effect pedals, synthesizers, and more
  • Compatible with devices which use TRS expression jacks connected to potentiometer wiper (that's most of them!)
  • Uses CC control to define resistance of internal 50K digital potentiometers (does not produce control voltages!)
  • Up to eight-bit resolution via MSB/LSB CC pairs
  • Set to MIDI channel 1 by default, but may be used on any MIDI channel
  • MIDI thru jack for easy daisy chaining
  • Dimensions: TBD:9VDC center negative PSU (not included)
Old Blood Noise Endeavors MTET MIDI to Expression Translator Reviews