Old Blood Noise EndeavorsMinim Delay / Reverb Pedal


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Old Blood Noise Minim Delay / Reverb Pedal

The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim is a combination delay and reverb effects pedal with reverse function that's great for ambient soundscapes or glitchy textures. Minim features a newly voiced modulated reverb with controls for decay, mix, and modulation, for harmonic tremolo effects. After the reverb, the signal goes to a modulated delay that has near infinite repeats. The delay has controls for feedback, delay time, and volume. The reverse function is activated with a footswitch that can act as either a latching or momentary switch. The order switch changes the order of the reverse in the signal chain, either first or last in the chain. The reverse speed switch selects between normal or double speed. The Minim features an expression pedal input which controls the mix of the reverse and bypass footswitch. Minim is a powerful tool for your sonic arsenal that won't soon leave your pedalboard.

Minim Features

  • Delay/reverb pedal
  • Reverse effect on a momentary or latching footswitch
  • Delay goes almost to infinite
  • Order switch to change the order of the signal flow
  • Internal modulation of reverb
  • Expression pedal input
  • 9v DC center negative power (not included)
Product Demo Videos
Behringer Crave Synth with OBNE Minim Delay/Reverb
Here are a few quick sounds with the Behringer Crave synth through the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim delay and reverb pedal. The Crave is a single oscillator semi-modular synth with a built in sequencer. The Crave oscillator is 3340 chip based design and the filter is a steep cutoff 24db/octave Moog style filter.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim is both a delay and reverb effect in one pedal. The Minim is great for ambient sounds as well as glitchy effects. The delay can be reversed and the reverb tails can be infinite.
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Presents - Minim
Looking back on an inspiring year of collaboration with Datachoir, Old Blood Noise Endeavors created Minim, a new pedal built from the foundation laid out by Rêver. Inside is a newly voiced reverb with harmonic tremolo, a modulated delay with nearly infinite repeats available, and a reverse section selectable between normal speed or double speed. Sat next to the Rêver, it’s like a long lost sibling. Put both on your board and see how well they get along.
Minim features:
A modulated reverb with controls for mix, modulation, and decay
A post-reverb modulated delay with controls for volume, delay time, and feedback
A reverse section with controls for mix and speed (for double time effects), activated with a clever footswitch for momentary or latching operation
Order switching to put reverse first in the chain for ambient wash or last in the chain for glitchy textures
Expression jack for external control of the Reverse mix
Internal trimpot to control output level
Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim Delay / Reverb Pedal Reviews