Old Blood Noise EndeavorsHaunt Fuzz Pedal w/ Clickless Switching


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Old Blood Noise Haunt Fuzz Pedal w/ Clickless Switching

The Haunt is an otherworldly fuzz from Old Blood Noise Endeavors. It features five controls, volume, fuzz, gate, tone, and mix, as well as two switches, low and range. Fuzz, as the name implies, adds fuzz to the signal, from subtle warmth to gnarly screeching fuzz. Gate, which is basically a compressor, squashes loud signals and interacts with the fuzz control for another dimension of sonic destruction. Tone adjusts the timbre of the pedal from bright to dark, with lots of variation in between. The volume and mix controls adjust the volume of the signal and blend between the clean input and the fuzz affected signal. The range switch selects between two different gain modes that impart different tonal characteristics to the signal. The low switch allows for either tight fuzz with less low-end or allowing more of the signal through with more gain and low end. A soft touch footswitch is available to switch the effect on or off smoothly.

Haunt Fuzz Features

  • Versatile fuzz pedal
  • Volume, fuzz, gate, tone, mix
  • Toggle switches for gain modes and low end boost
  • Soft touch footswitch
  • TBD
  • 9v DC center negative (not included)
Product Demo Videos
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt Technical Demo
From the restrained and nuanced light fuzziness to granular and biting saw sounds, many textures and character traits can be summoned with the Volume, Gate, Fuzz, Mix and Tone knob controls. The Haunt also has two toggle switches; Mode and Low. Mode switches between two combinations of silicon transistors; Low adds an additional low end boost to the effected signal.
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt Fuzz Pedal w/ Clickless Switching Reviews