Old Blood Noise EndeavorsFloat Dual Moving Filter Pedal


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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Float

Old Blood Noise Endeavors' FLOAT is a compact dual analog filter that is digitally controlled with LFOs and built-in envelope follower. Using the top mounted jacks, the filters are able to be routed in true stereo, parallel mono, or series. Both filters can be switched into low pass, high pass, or band pass modes and have independent controls over the LFO rate, shape, cutoff, resonance, and envelope sensitivity. For synced effects, you can engage the Sync switch which links the first filter's modulation to the second filter's. For interesting stereo movement and unique sonic sculpting in a compact form factor, FLOAT from Old Blood Noise Endeavors is a great option for your pedalboard.

Float Features

  • Two independent analog filters
  • Stereo in and out
  • Modulation can be linked
  • Independant cutoff and resonance settings for each filter
  • Three types: LP, HP, BP
  • Separate modulation adjustments for LFO and envelope sensitivity
  • Hidden settings for LFO phase and envelope speed
  • Min/Max toggle for sculpting the LFO range
  • Reroute the filters using the inputs and outputs
  • Expression input for controlling cutoff or LFO rate
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative (PSU not included)
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Product Demo Videos
OBNE Presents: Float Dual Moving Filter
Float features:
Two independent filters, each with control over filter type, cutoff frequency, LFO rate, envelope sensitivity, LFO shape, resonance, and volume
True stereo, parallel mono, or series mono operation via top-mounted jacks
Min/max toggle for precise sculpting of LFO and envelope range
Sync toggle to link the LFO or envelope elements of Filter 1 to Filter 2
Expression jack to externally control Cutoff or Rate for each filter
Soft touch switching with true relay bypass
Hidden settings for LFO phase and envelope speed
Pedalboard friendly size
Requires at least 100mA 9VDC center negative power
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Float Dual Moving Filter Pedal Reviews