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Old Blood Noise EndeavorsExcess V2 Distortion + Delay


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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess V2

Keeping the sound of 80s shredding alive and well, OBNE's Excess V2 is the second iteration on their fantastic distortion and modulation pedal with new features and a more compact design. The Excess V2 is a stellar upgrade from its predecessor all while holding true to its roots. Each effect has its own level control for balancing as well as two parameters affecting the timbral nature of your sound—be it wiggly, driving, or spacey. Crank the gain and shape the tone to get massively crunchy lead sounds and shape the amount and delay time of the chorus, or alternatively extend your sound through a means of slapback to short delays.

New to Excess V2 includes individual footswitch bypassing rather than just a singular one, making it a more flexible pedal to grab the modulation on its own without messing with the distortion volume. Additionally, both modulation and routing has expanded, featuring a new addition of a harmonized fifth for easy single-note power chords or emulating dual-lead guitar lines, along with not only a series routing from distortion to modulation but also an option for modulation into distortion—of course parallel is still an option. With easy access for utilizing an expression pedal to externally modulate the depth and time, the Excess V2 from OBNE is a fantastic pedal as much as it is a useful and multi-faceted tool for any pedalboard.

Excess V2 Features

  • Distortion and modulation pedal
  • Condensed everything from the original Excess down to smaller format with more features
  • Each effect has its own engageable footswitch
  • Distortion is controlled by gain and tone
  • Select one of three modulation modes: delay, chorus, and harmonized fifth
  • Each modulation effect is individually affected by the time and depth controls
  • Volume controls for each effect as well as three options for routing: parallel, modulation first, or distortion first
  • Expression input for controlling modulation time an/or depth
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 4.5"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative, 125mA (PSU not included)
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