Old Blood Noise EndeavorsReflector V3 Chorus Pedal


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Old Blood Noise Reflector V3 Chorus Pedal

The Reflector V3 is an ultra-lush, modernized version of Old Blood Noise Endeavors' flagship chorus pedal. It features straightforward controls for modulation rate and dry/wet mix along with Depth and Modulate parameters with multiple functions. When toggled to Wrinkle mode, Depth controls chorusing amount while Modulate acts as the master pitch control for a pitch-shifted chorus, sweeping between 1 octave down and 1 octave up as it moves clockwise. In Washed mode, which inserts a reverb effect pre-chorus, Modulate controls how much effect the chorus has on the clean and reverbed signal and Depth controls reverb amount. Mirrors mode adds a fixed filter to the fun for rich vibrato and active EQ sounds. Unlike previous Reflectors, V3 offers a TRS expression pedal input which can be assigned to either the Depth or Modulate parameter via an internal DIP switch, allowing the Reflector to be used as a flavorful wah, an ultra-expressive reverb, and much more. For surf-rock guitarists and noise musicians alike seeking a chorus which justifies its place on the pedalboard, the Reflector V3 may just be the answer.

Reflector V3 Features

  • Digital modulated chorus pedal
  • Rate, Depth, Modulate, and Mix controls
  • Wrinkle, Washed, and Mirrors three-way toggle switch
  • Soft-touch footswitch
  • Relay bypass switching
  • TRS expression pedal jack
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 4.5"
  • Power Specs: Center Negative 9VDC
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