Old Blood Noise EndeavorsOBNE AB / Y Switcher Pedal


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Old Blood Noise OBNE AB / Y Switcher Pedal

The OBNE AB/Y Switcher, from Old Blood Noise Endeavors, is a simple utility pedal that lets users switch between two inputs or two outputs, depending on whether the pedal is configured as a distributor, mixer, or switch. 

OBNE AB/Y Features

  • Classic AB/Y Switcher
  • Mix two signals
  • Switch between two signals
  • Distribute two signals
  • Standard 9V DC Pedal Power
  • Rugged Aluminum Case
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Product Demo Videos
Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Utility Line - Technical Demo
So here we have the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Utility Line. The first 3 offerings, at least. And this here is the technical demo—a (hopefully) concise run through of these three devices.
The Headphone amp takes 9v-18v, has one quarter inch input and two quarter inch outputs, and a volume knob. This bad dude is meant to power headphones, not an amplifier nor any sort of speaker cabinet. so don't do that. Or if you do, please whisper your complaints into a knot hole on your favorite nearby tree.
The AB/Y Switcher takes 9v, has three quarter inch input / outputs, anad allows the user to send a single signal to two sources, or two signals to a signal source. Imagine if you hooked up a couple. Things could get really wild.
The Buffer + 3 Band EQ takes 9v as well. The buffer is always engaged, giving you a clean and sturdy signal that will maintain your tone through a long array of cabling and pedals. The 3 Band EQ allows the user to sculpt their tone with three potentiometers; the first (Low) boosting or cutting at 100 Hz, Mid at 500 Hz, and the highs boosting or cutting at 2kHz. Great as an always-on device or used as an intentional effect. It's Versatile.
Old Blood Noise Endeavors OBNE AB / Y Switcher Pedal Reviews