Old Blood Noise EndeavorsBlack Fountain V3 w/ Tap Tempo Delay Pedal


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Old Blood Noise Black Fountain V3 w/ Tap Tempo Delay Pedal

Old Blood's flagship delay is reborn again into its third version, and the new Black Fountain V3 has manifested some essential features for modern delay pedals while maintaining its murky, vintage vibe. As the name and artwork suggests, Black Fountain specifically channels the sound of oil can delays like the TelRay Model 10 and Morley EDL, which all impart a dark character to the repeats and slight, warbly pitch instability on the repeats due to their physical design.

There are three modes present on the Black Fountain: Modern, Organ, and Vintage. Modern and Vintage both feature up to one second of delay time, with modulation amount controlled by the Fluid control, with the biggest difference being that Modern is slightly more clean and Vintage imparts some gain and enhanced coloration to the processed audio. The other mode Organ is fixed in its delay time at 211ms, but with more control over the modulation and shape of the delay tail. OBNE also included a handy Expression pedal input for external control of the Time and Feedback parameters, assignable to either parameter or both simultaneously.

Version three of the Black Fountain adds a handy tap tempo switch, making it incredibly simple to get delay times dialed in on the fly. Ratios for the tempo settings are configurable with an additional toggle switch, where taps correspond with quarter notes, straight eight notes, or triplet eighth notes. The tap switch can also be held down to temporarily maximize feedback, resulting in controllable swells and washes of dense, cloudy textures and pseudo sound-on-sound looping. Throw the Black Fountain onto your board, and tap into the dark, moody delays found within.

Black Fountain V3 + Tap Tempo Features

  • Digital delay pedal based on vintage oil-can delays
  • Warm, chorus-like modulation
  • Up to one second of delay time in Modern and Vintage modes
  • Tap tempo switch with subdivision ratios
  • Expression pedal input controls Time and Feedback controls
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC (PSU not included)
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Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Black Fountain
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