Old Blood Noise EndeavorsBlack Fountain V2 Delay


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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain V2

The Black Fountain Delay V2, from Old Blood Noise Endeavors, harkens back to the pre-digital delay days of yesteryear. It successfully emulates the sounds produced by vintage “oil can delay” units, which feature a chorus-esque modulation on every repeat of the effected signal, and an inherently warm repeat cycle. 

The pedal’s Modern mode is an emulation of the renowned long delay featured in units like the Tel-Ray Model 10, Fender Echo-Verb, and Morley EDL. By manipulating its Time and Repeat controls, users can successfully transpose the functionality of the aforementioned units. Conversely, the Black Fountain’s Fluid control implements a modulation inspired by the wobble of the electrostatic delay line. There’s also a Vintage mode, which boasts the same delay time as the Modern mode: 800 milliseconds. Unlike the former mode, Vintage possesses a grittier, louder vibe on its repeats. 

If all that wasn’t enough, the unit also features an Organ Tone mode, which is based on the Tel-Ray Deluxe Organ Tone as well as the Fender Dimension IV. Each of these units feature a fixed delay time extending to approximately 20 milliseconds. Consequently, the Black Fountain does all this and more by incorporating variable Rate and Depth controls over the modulation parameter. There’s also a Mix control that can dial in a completely wet signal for the production of a vibrato effect. The Organ Tone mode also boasts a reverb based on the single-spring tank present in the Deluxe Organ Tone effect. This mode features a delay time of up to 211 milliseconds. 

In comparison to the first version, the V2 model features clickless switching, an internal trimpot for output volume, and a dedicated expression output that can be switched between two controls: upper left and bottom right. 

Black Fountain V2 Features

  • Oil Can Delay Modeling
  • Chorus-like delay modulation
  • Max delay time of 800 milliseconds
  • Switchable Delay to Organ tone
  • Fixed 20 milliseconds organ delay
  • Variable Rate and Depth Controls for Modulation
  • 100% wet signal mix provides vibrato effect
  • Simple spring reverb emulation 
  • Clickless Switching
  • Internal output volume trimpot
  • Expression output with switch 
  • Power: 9V DC 
  • Current Draw: 60mA
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