Old Blood Noise EndeavorsBL-52 Variable-Clock Phase Repeater Pedal


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Old Blood Noise Endeavors BL-52

Applying their variable-clock effect format to a signature sound of Old Blood Noise Endeavors, the BL-52 Phase Repeater pedal exists somewhere between phaser, delay, and beyond. Just like the other BL pedals, the BL-52's centerpiece is its Clock slider that directly controls the internal DSP chip. By moving this control, you smoothly morph between shorter but cleaner delay times and longer, grimier repeats, giving you great shaping power over the character of the pedal. Along with this, you'll find a Feedback control that creates more intense effects, plus Mix and Volume controls to dial the effect into the needs of your rig. If you'd like a whole new spin on a phaser-like pedal, Old Blood's BL-52 is an effect that will rock your world.

BL-52 Features

  • Phase repeater pedal
  • Based on sounds from the Old Blood Dweller pedal
  • Clock slider for scaling the length of delays and LFOs while affecting overall quality
  • Feedbakc knob for intensity of trails
  • Dry/Wet Mix control
  • Volume knob
  • Soft-touch bypass switch
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative (PSU not included)
Old Blood Noise Endeavors BL-52 Variable-Clock Phase Repeater Pedal Reviews