nw2snw2s::io Unbalanced I/O


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nw2s nw2s::io (UNBALANCED)

The nw2s nw2s::io (Unbalanced Version) is an efficient means of integrating one’s modular synthesizer system with studio equipment as if the synthesizer were another piece of rack gear. This particular version of the unit is passively unbalanced, provides 16 channels of i/o, and occupies a mere 10HP.

Nw2s::io features integrated 6dB gain reduction, meaning it can easily match studio levels and prevent the modular system from clipping the line-level inputs it is being fed into. Conversely, this feature affords extra gain when routing line-level signals into a modular synthesizer system.

This version of the nw2s::io provides 6dB gain reduction for easing the signal into compliance before it hits the DB-25, though it does not provide additional gain when routed back into the modular synthesizer. Either way, this version does not color the sound or reduce the headroom in any way.

nw2s::io Features

  • nw2s::io Unbalanced Version
  • Unbalanced Line Transceiver Eurorack Module
  • While artists working in studios and regularly interfacing with pro-audio gear will prefer the robustness of a balanced output, not everyone will require it
  • Some users appreciate the improved workflow and concise cabling without the cost of a fully balanced circuit
  • The Unbalanced version uses a passive circuit to convert the Unbalanced Modular Signals to a DB-25 and vise-versa
  • When converting from Balanced to Unbalanced, Pin 2 (hot) is used, while Pin 3 (cold) is left unconnected (Pin 1 is connected to ground)
  • Note: Will not work for Transformer Balanced Outputs (This is rare, so if user gear uses Transformer Balanced Outputs, refer to the Balanced Version of the nw2s::io)
  • Record directly to user DAW at optimal levels
  • Record Rich Patches with Minimum Hardware
  • Integrate Pro Audio Gear into User Patches
  • Treat the Modular as a Hardware Insert for user DAWs
  • Interface CV with user DAWs at the highest quality
  • Eurorack Module
  • 10 HP Width
  • 38mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 20mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V
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