nw2snw2s::io Balanced I/O


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nw2s nw2s::io (BALANCED)

The nw2s nw2s::io (Balanced Version) is the perfect means of integrating one’s modular synthesizer system within a larger studio like any other piece of rack gear. This particular version is electronically balanced and provides a total of 16 channels of i/o in a mere 10HP.

The module features 6dB of gain reduction for matching studio levels, which keeps modular synth systems from clipping line-level inputs and concurrently adds some extra gain when routing line-level signals into a modular synthesizer system.

The balanced version of the nw2s::io features pristine, laser-trimmed line drivers and receivers in order to provide optimal common-mode rejection. Since it is DC coupled, it works well with both audio and CV signals.

nw2s::io Features

  • nw2s::io Balanced Version
  • Balanced Line Transceiver Eurorack Module
  • Uses precision THAT Corp Balanced Drivers and Recievers
  • Designed with SMT components and stacked PCBs resulting in an extremely high-density module
  • Unbalanced Modular Inputs have a net gain of -12dB on the Balanced DB-25 connectors
  • The DB-25 Balanced Line Inputs have a net gain of +0dB at the Unbalanced Modular Outputs
  • In order to provide up to 27.5dBu output level and up to 21.5dBu input levels, the standard eurorack +/-12V power rails were insufficient \u001f- The nw2s::io contains it’s own on-board +/-18V power supply that runs off the eurorack rails
  • Record directly to user DAW at optimal levels
  • Record Rich Patches with Minimum Hardware
  • Integrate Pro Audio Gear into User Patches
  • Treat the Modular as a Hardware Insert for user DAWs
  • Interface CV with user DAWs at the highest quality
  • Eurorack Module
  • 10 HP Width
  • 48mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 150mA @ ±12V
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